9mm Hundo 100 Round Chamber Checker / Case Gauge - Anodized Blue by Shockbottle

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9mm Hundo 100-Round Case Gauge Anodized Blue by Shockbottle 

Introducing the 9mm Hundo 100-Round Chamber Checker: Your Ultimate Solution for Flawless Ammunition

Say goodbye to ammunition-related malfunctions with the 9mm Hundo 100-Round Chamber Checker by Shockbottle. This sleek, anodized blue case gauge ensures your rounds are ready for action, giving you confidence in your shooting performance.

Experience unparalleled convenience with this chamber checker, designed to gauge 100 rounds simultaneously. No more tedious, individual checks. Instead, save time and effort as you prep for a day at the range or a competition.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this robust tool is built to last. The anodized blue finish not only looks great but also provides extra protection against wear and tear. You can trust the 9mm Hundo to be a reliable addition to your shooting toolkit.

Effortlessly detect potential issues with your reloaded or factory ammunition. The 9mm Hundo flags improperly sized, bulged, or otherwise flawed rounds with ease. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your ammo is reliable and safe to shoot.

Enhance your shooting accuracy by ensuring your ammo is chamber-ready. With the 9mm Hundo, you'll minimize the risk of jams or misfires.

Don't let faulty ammunition hold you back. Experience the difference the 9mm Hundo 100-Round Chamber Checker by Shockbottle can make!

Order your 9mm Hundo Chamber Checker today!

  • 100-Hole for 9mm Luger (9x19)
  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Machines to S.A.M.M.I. spec's (will be tighter on lead and moly bullets)
  • Does not check OAL (overall length)
  • Works with Dillon Precision, MTM, and more ammo boxes
  • Patented Design