Techwell IPSC TGO 1911 Magwell

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Techwell IPSC TGO 1911 Magwell

Designed by “The Great One” himself, Rob Leatham, with the same rugged, machined aluminum components as Techwell’s SP, Carry, and XT models, but the TGO model introduces a wide and smooth streamlined magwell opening that keeps large flared sides to give the competitor a superior frame opening that’s impossible to miss and makes for lightening fast mag changes. Leatham used this proven TGO design to win multiple consecutive USPSA Single Stack and Limited-10 Nationals. Designed for an 8-round magazine with standard or extended base pad and/or 10-round magazines, the Techwell System enhances shooter’s grip and aids in fast, positive magazine changes for an edge in competition or combat. IDPA- and USPSA legal for match use, this extended magwell helps guide the magazine for fumble-free changes when seconds count, and requires no gunsmithing or frame alterations.  All Techwell System products are fully interchangeable, and removing the Techwell entirely shows only a tiny slot on the bottom of the grips.

The TGO is legal for use in both USPSA and IDPA (ESP and CDP Divisions) competition, and is designed to allow the pistol to easily fit into the USPSA/IDPA “Box”. Pistols with unusually high sights, or extended base pads on the magazine may need a small amount of material removed from the leading edge of the magazine extended base pad to fit into the box. Due to fluctuations in frame manufacture, some minor fitting of the Techwell may be necessary. You will find You Tube Movie Links demonstrating both Techwell Installation and Techwell Tuning at the bottom of the product main page.

SPECS: Machined aluminum. IPSC TGO Magwell  – .60 oz (17g), 34.85mm wide (just under the IPSC 35mm). Fits  full-size Government Model and Commander length pistol frames. Also, fits Officer length pistol frames using our new Aluminum Officer Length Checkered grips. The Officer length grips are in stock, while we work on adding them to the site please direct inquiries to

Stock Colors: Black, Olive/Gray, or Silver

USPSA Single Stack, IPSC Classic, and IDPA SSP, CDP, or ESP Division Competitors Please Note this Important Information regarding “Fitting Into The Box” and USPSA & IDPA “Gun Weight”:

Four of our five Techwell systems were designed to fit into the USPSA, IPSC, and IDPA “Boxes”, however our Original Techwell XT will not fit into the IPSC Box. Also the Orifinal Techwell XT requires an extended base pad, so unless you buy Tripp Research’s new “System Mags”, you will almost certainly have to relieve the bottom front of your extended base pad a little.
If you have never fit your gun to “The Box” I would bring a file along just in case, and, for your own sake, please make sure that your gun fits into the box with empty magazine inserted, BEFORE YOU BEGIN SHOOTING.

According to John Amidon, the former USPSA V.P. and Director/NROI, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be permitted to make sure your gun fits into the official box, or makes weight prior to shooting. 
Not all matches will have a box and/or a scale, so the best idea is to find the match Range Master as soon as possible, and let him direct you. That having been said, I suggest you weigh your gun at home before competing with it, here follow the max weights for USPSA and IDPA Single Stack Divisions (IPSC does not have a weight restriction as of this writing):


– For USPSA OR IDPA SSP, ESP & CDP: 43.0 oz / 1,219.0 grams or less with empty magazine inserted.
Techwell System Weights:

IPSC Compliant SP Techwell weighs .6 oz.
IPSC Compliant TGO Techwell weighs .6 oz.
IPSC XT weighs .95 oz., IPSC Compliant Carry weighs .4 oz 
and finally our Original XT Techwell weighs 1.2 oz.

Techwell System Gripset Weights:

Machined aluminum Checkered Grips Panels – 1.8 oz (51g)
Machined aluminum Grater Grips Panels – 1.8 oz (51g)
Machined G10 Grips Panels (any we sell) – 1.9 oz (56g)
Rubber Over-molded Plastic Grips Panels – 1.9 oz (56g)

Here is the section copied from the USPSA Rule Book:
“…handgun with empty magazine inserted must fit wholly within a box with internal dimensions of 8 15/16″ x 6″ x 1 5/8″ (tolerance +1/16″, -0″) (8.938″ x 6″ x 1.625″) (227.01mm x 152.40mm x 41.28mm).”

Here is the section copied from the IPSC Rule Book:
“…handgun with empty magazine inserted must fit wholly within the confines of a box which has internal dimensions of 225mm x 150 mm x 45mm (tolerance of + 1mm, -0mm. Magazine wells cannot exceed a maximum outside width of 35mm. Compliance is checked by way of a 35mm wide, and at least 5mm deep notch carved into the outside of the box, or by use of a ruler or caliper, as approved by the officiating Range Master.”

The IDPA Box for SSP, ESP, or CDP Divisions, is slightly smaller, here is the section copied from their rule book:
“…Fit in the IDPA gun test box measuring 8 3/4″ x 6″ x 1 5/8″ with an empty magazine inserted.”

How to video for Techwell Tuning


How to video for installing Techwell system 


1 Review

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    Fast, Light and Tight

    Posted by William Moore on Dec 1st 2017

    I have this magwell and this system on both my competition 1911's. They are amazing. To use them you have to use the techwell grips, but they rock also. These magwell fit very tightly on both my STI and my Hayes Custom 1911. The were easy to blend with the frames and needed minimal work. Def the best choice from all the ones I have tried.