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Dryfire Targets
Dryfire Targets

The 3-Gun Show Dry-Fire Kit

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Product Description

The 3-Gun Show Dry-Fire Kit

This is a special kit formulated by Dave at "The 3-Gun Show" linked below. The kit is offered in our standard size (1/3rd Scale) and the larger (1/2 Scale) for those who have more space. 
Dry-Fire Target Scale

Standard Kit

2x-3GN Targets (1/3rd Scale - 6" H x 6" W)
2x-IPSC Classic Targets (1/3rd Scale - 7.5" H x 5.875" W)
2x-USPSA Metric Targets (1/3rd Scale - 9.75" H x 5.875" W)
6x-Dots (1/4 Scale - 2")
3x-Pepper Popper (1/6th Scale - 7" H x 2" W)
3x-Mini-Popper (1/6th Scale - 4.66" H x 1.36" W)

Larger Kit

2x-3GN Targets (1/2 Scale - 9" H x 9" W)
2x-IPSC Classic Targets (1/2 Scale - 11.22" H x 8.85" W)
2x-USPSA Metric Targets (1/2 Scale - 14.75" H x 8.85" W)
6x-Dots (1/2 Scale - 4")
3x-Pepper Popper (1/3rd Scale - 14" H x 4" W)
3x-Mini-Popper (1/3rd Scale - 9.32" H x 2.72" W)

Not official targets.

Product Reviews

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  1. Dry fire to burn it down!

    Posted by Jason Locke on Sep 29th 2018

    If your intentions are to improve your game in action shooting sports and you are not including dry fire into your training regimen, you are doing yourself a great injustice.
    This dry fire kit will give you the tools you need to effectively raise your skill level to that of a certified stage burner!
    And if 3-gun is your game, knowledge is power. So tune into the 3-gun show podcast and listen to Dave Hartman drop some knowledge bombs similar to the ones he deployed when helping develop this combination of quality dry fire targets!

  2. Perfect Dry Fire tool

    Posted by Jessica on Feb 13th 2018

    The standard size is perfect for dry firing in smaller spaces

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