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Dryfire Targets
Dryfire Targets

Tanfoglio Witness G10 Thin Grips by LOK Grips

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Product Description

Tanfoglio Stock 1, Stock 2, Stock 3, G10 Textured Grips by LOK Grips

These grips fit the large frame Tanfoglios and have a thin, flat profile with our Bogies texture.  They come with a set of screws. 

We are currently only offering a thin grip, but plan on making a thicker grip in the future.  With the stock grips on a Tanfoglio Stock II we measure the total thickness of the gun across the grips is ~1.371''.  With our grips, it measures 1.184''.  So these grips are approx .094'' thinner each than the stock grips.

  • Works with Stock I, Stock II, Stock III, Limited Pro, and more (Large Frame, no Magwell)
  • Includes Grip Screws
  • Thinner than the factory grips
  • Made from G10
  • Made in the USA

Liner Option

Liners are a great way to personalize your G10 grips!
They add a small strip of color to the back of your grips. They can really make your grips pop! 

Liners do not add thickness to your grips. Grips are machined to accommodate the liner. 

We highly recommend only adding liners to solid color grips and choosing a contrasting color ie. Black grips with a liner in blue/orange/purple/cherry red/neon green/etc. 
Liners on grips with dual color material are often difficult to see. We understand that color combinations are a personal preference. For that reason, we cannot offer refunds on orders with liners on dual color grips if you decide you don't like the color combination later.

Only add liners to solid color grips. No refunds if liners are added to grips with layered color material


Product Reviews

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  1. Thin, great grip and light weight.

    Posted by James Faine on Dec 4th 2018

    I have tried a few other brands of aftermarket grips for my Tanfo and these are by far the my favorite. Thin, good grip and very light. They also look good on the gun with lots of options for color and pattern. I shoot steel challenge, local matches and bowling pin matches with my Tanfo, and these are working great for me. I actually liked them so much I ordered a set for my CZ 75 PCR carry gun as well to replace the Pachmyars I had on it.

  2. Great grip bummer gun

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 9th 2018

    I just got a pair of G10 grips put on my Tanfoglio stock 3. I shot a few rounds then started having feed problems with the gun. The grips felt great and would recommend them to others even though the gun was a bummer.

  3. super thin, I can touch my thumb and middle finger around it now

    Posted by aaron on Mar 9th 2018

    Good fit except for the screw hole needs moved to the barking end about .030", a slightly (.010-.025) largeer diameter counter bore, and shorter button head screws.
    Keeping in mind my tangfolio is an older stock/combat round trigger guard without rail model.

    I'm happy it fit

  4. Tanfoglio Witness G10 Textured Grips by LOK Grips

    Posted by John on Feb 28th 2018

    Great grips. I do like the way they feel and the grip purchase they afford me. I have the black on one gun and the black/red on another to try and differentiate the same pistol . My only complaint, and it may seem trivial, is the black and red is not really black and red. They're black with a haze of red over the surface, making them more brown or cocobolo. That's it. Otherwise, great grips. 4 stars.

  5. I've been looking for something like this for years

    Posted by on Feb 21st 2018

    I purchased my Witness Limited Pro several years ago. It's overall a great gun, but I was never fully happy with how the wooden grips it came with felt. I wanted a thinner grip, but the only offerings out there were metal. When I found these, I thought it was too good to be true. I put them on as soon as I got them and took the gun shooting. They were perfect. Now my gun is flawless. I'm very satisfied!

  6. Tanfoglio Witness G10 Textured Grips by LOK Grips

    Posted by John on Feb 5th 2018

    These are excellent grips. The stock ones are good and aggressive but when the hands get a little sweaty they will start to slip just a tad. These grips don't seem to have the same effect to the moisture in your hand.

  7. best tanfo grips on the market

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 29th 2018

    Perfect fit and just the right amount of grip for your hands to stay secure during recoil, but not sandpaper like to where it catches your hand inconsistently on a fast draw. These required a 1 minute fitting using a razor to shave some material from the top for one of my stock 2, and they dropped in perfectly on my other 2. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Grippy - Great fit

    Posted by DB on Nov 16th 2017

    Stock grips were too fat. EGD grips are nice but slippery in hot weather, never felt like I really had a solid grip on the gun. LOK grips are just right. Perfect fit on my Stock II and LOK it into my hands.

  9. great grips. very aggressive

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 8th 2017

    I’ve tried a lot of grips for my stock 2 and these are my favorite so far. They are thin enough to easily reach the mag release and very aggressive grip texture. They lock in your hand well.

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