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140mm 9mm Magazine for 2011 by Atlas Gunworks

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140mm 9mm Magazine for 2011 by Atlas Gunworks 

We have been working for the last 2 years on a magazine that met the following criteria:

  1. New internal dimensions greatly improves feeding in all double stack 1911's
  2. 9mm tubes work with .38 super and .38 super comp. 
  3. Designed to work with all modular grip double stacks 
  4. Using a Grams FKS 11 with competition follower
  5. Capacity of 23 (Lockback tab is removed from Grams follower) 

Introducing the Atlas Gunworks Perfect Feed Competition 9mm HiCap 1911/2011 Mags available now!

  1. Redesigned, dimensionally correct mag body
  2. Grams FKS 11 and competition follower kit
  3. Discrete premium 4mm basepad

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