1911 & 2011 Match Trigger Group Kit by Extreme Engineering

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1911 & 2011 Match Trigger Group Kit by Extreme Engineering 

This set is for the 1911 competition gun builder/shooter who wants an ULTRA LIGHT hammer weight for the fastest lock time with a hammer with a thumb cocking piece and any trigger pull weight that they are capable of producing. Suitable only for match competition 1911 pistols.

This set includes the following:

Wolff Sear and 17lb Hammer Spring

Extreme Engineering Match Hammer

Extreme Engineering Match Hammer. Super for Carry or Tactical Use. The Match is simply a commander hammer with absolutely perfect geometry. Fits 1911, Kimber, Springfield, Colt, STI, SV, and Para.

Extreme Duty Sear

The Extreme Engineering Extreme Duty sear is an excellent option to replace or improve your 1911 & 2011 platform. 

Extreme Engineer Match Disconnector

Extreme Engineering Match Disconnector Positive Reset for Fast Double Taps. Manufactured from the same tough steel alloy as the Extreme Engineering Hammers. Proper length above and below pivot hole to provide correct function with light trigger pulls and to reduce drag on the slide. Heat treated to 42-44 Rockwell C for unlimited life expectancy. Excellent for match and tactical pistols. Fits all 1911, STI 2011, and 1911 Hicaps. CNC machined.

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