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Beretta 92/96/M9 Series Trigger Job in a Bag by Langdon Tactical

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Beretta 92/96/M9 Series Trigger Job in a Bag by Langdon Tactical

Trigger Job in a Bag from LTT is available for the 92, 96 and M9 Series Pistols. After several thousand trigger jobs on Beretta 92s and PX4s, Langdon Tactical Technology offer’s the "Trigger Job in a Bag". We polish and hand-stone all of the components that are part of the firing mechanism to smooth and lighten your trigger pull in DA/SA. The Trigger Job in a Bag is about 80% of what we do when we don't have the actual firearms. You can also do a full NP3 upgrade to your pistol that includes a 'Trigger Job' with this kit.

Common Customer Confusion:

Customer: I already have these parts, so I don't need everything in this kit.
Answer: Yes, you do need this entire kit. The parts you have have not been worked on. Yes, the parts started the same, but we do work on the individual parts in the kit for 80% of what we can do if we have the gun itself.

To make a purchase, please select one option from each group:

  • Finish: this is the finish and color of the metal parts in the Trigger Job in a Bag.
    • Black (factory)
    • NP3 (nickel teflon/stainless color)
  • Hammer:
    • Elite II Hammer
  • Trigger Bar:
    • LTT Optimized Performance Trigger Bar
  • Hammer Spring Weight:
    With the following hammer springs, your DA/SA pull weight will be approximately
    • 13# DA: 6.3 to 7lbs
    • Single Action for all: 3.5 - 4lbs

92, 96 and M9 Series Trigger Job in a Bag includes: Trigger Bar, Hammer, Sear, Sear Spring, Trigger Spring, Hammer Strut, and the Reduced Power Hammer Spring.

PLEASE SEE OUR FAQ Page for model listings to verify the TJIB will work for you.