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Q&A with 2017 IPSC World Shoot Production shooter Hwansik Kim

How did you train leading up to the World Shoot and how was that different than training for USPSA?

First, I changed out the targets to IPSC targets with IPSC style partials. USPSA and IPSC have different rules about partial targets, so I only practiced partial targets that are allowed in IPSC. I also practiced wider transitions and lots of movements. I definitely practiced less reload because IPSC production division allows 15 rounds.

Now that you have shot the World Shoot, how do you wish you would have trained differently?

I wish I can shoot more moving targets for sure. All my miss penalties at the match were from moving targets.

How will you change your training for future IPSC matches?

I would definitely develop my movement skills such as moving in or out of position, shooting on the move and low port entry and exit.

How does the lack of pre-match stage inspections and shorter walkthroughs (3, 4, 5 Minutes) affect your match?

It definitely affected me. I didn’t have any time watching other shooters shoot stages before I started shooting the main match due to arriving a little late. This one stage was pretty small area with over 20 shots and I was only able to walk once and didn’t have the best plan. Even though I was able to see other shooters before me shoot a better plan, I didn’t have time to change my plan before I shoot. My plan turned out to be over 3 seconds slower than others.

Did you have to modify your gun to make it IPSC legal, and if so how long did you train with that configuration?

No mod change.

Does the mixture of Short, medium and Long courses affecr your approcah to the match?

Yes. 3 short, 2 medium, 1 long course rule is very interesting to me. First, IPSC stage builders use it to make things so interesting even if we fire 6 shots. In IPSC, hit factors are generally lower than USPSA. I think the 3-2-1 rule makes it lower too. By doing 3-2-1, the shots fired in a match is lower than USPSA. I usually experience higher round count for USPSA match.

What surprised you at the World Shoot?

Moving targets. They are extremely fast and difficult to shoot just 2 shots and feel safe.

Do you plan on shooting more IPSC matches?

Yes. I am planning on shooting at least one European IPSC match per year from now.

What advice would you give someone interested in shooting a match internationally?

Try one ASAP. Sooner the better. I enjoyed so much and it was a great experience.

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