CED / DAA 1300 Ammo / Accessory Bag

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CED / DAA 1300 Ammo / Accessory Bag

Finally, there is a compact bag specifically designed to hold all of the spare parts, batteries, tools, and other "odds and ends" that every shooter accumulates. The CED Accessory bag will even store your valuable hearing protectors too! No need to rummage through your range bag looking for that spare spring, ejector, or firing pin. Now you can store everything in one location. The CED Accessory bag measures 7.5" x 6.5" x 4.75", so it will easily fit into your range bag. Made of durable 600D polyester fabric with a PVC lining to allow easy clean up of spilt oil or other fluids. Designed with both a handle and shoulder strap giving total functional use. The CED Accessory bag is a must for every shooter. 


  • Holds about 500 rounds of 9mm
  • Comes in Navy Blue and Black

1 Review

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    Great small case for ammo

    Posted by Mr T on Oct 25th 2016

    This case is a great size and could be used for multiple applications. I use it for keeping my ammo for competitions in, as I don't like nor have a range bag that keeping my ammo in works well with otherwise. You can either dump roughly 500 or so loose rounds in or like I do for local matches 3 of the 100 round cases that most reloaders use will fit nicely (I like to know exactly how many rounds I have with me and I know 300 is plenty for a local match). *Important note - my measurements are based on 9mm. I'm sure other calibers will effect the total differently.