CGW 10X Barrel Bushing for Standard CZ Barrel by Cajun Gun Works

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CGW 10X Barrel Bushing for Standard CZ Barrel by Cajun Gun Works

Our first batch of 10X barrel bushings for the “standard barrel” 9mm manual safety and decocker pistols:  75B in 9mm (will not fit the 75B .40, see our 7510X), P-01, PCR, 75 Compact, 85C and 85B.  Made from 4140 and heat treated to RC45.  Reduces barrel muzzle play to -0- at lock-up.  This is a direct replacement for the OEM bushing.  Fits .504″ OD CZ’s.  USPSA Production Approved.

NOTE:  Some minor fitting may be required typically at the #46 retaining pin groove

To install, remove your front sight retaining pin, it is not necessary to remove the sight itself.  Be sure to align the bushings retaining pin groove with the slides retaining pin groove.  We suggest using a soft block of wood to drive the bushing until it seats on the bushing flange.  NOTE:  the bushing will only fit the 9mm “standard barrel” manual safety and decocker models: 75B and P-01 Omega, 75B, P-01, PCR, 75 Compact, 85C and 85B,  and all modern CZ pistols with a .504″ OD barrel.

An alternate method is to freeze the bushing, which will shrink the OD, then install in the slide.  Be sure and check the bushings ID fit on your barrel before installation to ensure a proper fit.  Any questions contact CGW for tech support.

Important Warning: Modification to your firearm may nullify the manufacturers warranty. This product must be installed by a qualified gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product.

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