CGW CZ Shadow 2, Shadow 2 Compact and P10 Optic Ready Plate by Cajun Gun Works

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CGW CZ Shadow 2 and P10 Optic Ready Plate by Cajun Gun Works

Optics ready plate for the Shadow 2 O/R, P-10 O/R pistols and CZ Shadow 2 Compact O/R.  Accepts the 4 most popular optics, Trijicon SRO, RMR, Holosun 507C and 508T.

Superior 7,000 series aluminum hard anodized for durable, reliable retention of your optic.  The plate is laser engraved with the optic mounting thread size (6/32″) marked.  3mm mounting screws for securing the optic to the slide are included.

NOTE:  The screws for mounting the optic are not included (these are typically included with the optic).

NOTE:  CGW recommends thoroughly degreasing the slide threads and optic mounting threads, as well as the screws.  Torque the slide screws to 10 – 12 inch pounds.  The optic mounting screws should be torqued to 18 inch pounds.  Use only blue loctite on the threads.