CGW CZ Shadow 2 & SP-01 Recoil Spring Calibration Kit by Cajun Gun Works

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CGW CZ Shadow 2 & SP-01 Recoil Spring Calibration Kit  by Cajun Gun Works

CGW’s own music wire recoil spring for full size Canik’s (does not fit TP series)  and CZ’s, including the CZ-97B/BD. 

TECH TIP:  There are 2 methods for selecting the correct recoil spring.  The most common method is based on the ejection distance of a fired case.  Ideally, the case should land 6-8 feet from you stance.  This  method allows your CZ to achieve the correct slide velocity that is critical for extraction, ejection, feeding, and slide lock.  The other method, for competition shooters, is how fast your sights re-align with the target.

Kit Includes:

  • 10LB - White

  • 11LB - Yellow

  • 12LB - Red

  • 13LB - Green

  • 14LB - Grey