CGW Hardened Hammer Pin by Cajun Gun Works

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CGW Hardened Hammer Pin by Cajun Gun Works

These are super hard, heat treated to RC60 and are a friction fit in CGW hammers, no staking or peening required.  Requires 2.  Can be use in OEM or other CZ hammers but you will have to Loctite the pins or stake on the hammer.

Highly recommended as a replacement for the soft OEM pins.  Our pins are heat treated to RC60 (tool steel grade) which contributes to a smoother performing action.  Proudly Made in the USA from premium high carbon steel.

These pins are a press fit in CGW hammers and will not require peening or staking.  For use in all other hammers, we recommend you degrease the hammers pin bore and the pins, and apply a small amount of red Loctite on the last 1/8″ of the pin prior to seating it flush in the hammer.


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