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CR Speed CBAX Complete Holster, 3 x Versa 2 Magazine Pouches & Competition Belt - Combo Deal!

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Complete CR Speed Competition Rig

This kit includes the following:

  • 3 x CR Speed Versa 2 Double Stack Mag Pouch
  • 1 x CR Speed Competition Belt
  • Blade-Tech or Comp-Tac Holster with CR Speed CBAX Holster Hanger


CR Speed "HI-TORQUE" Range Belt

The CR Speed Belt Range Features:

  • CR Speed Interwoven Inner "Our New CR Speed Range Belt Features a CR Speed branded Inner Belt, so you can be sure that you are getting an authentic CR Speed Belt."
  • Embossed CR Speed Belt Clasp Logo "Our new belt features a Embossed rubber CR Speed Logo on the belt clasp for visual enhancement."
  • CR Speed Outer Belt Logo "The new CR Speed Range Belt features a small CR Speed Logo on the outer belt."
  • Profiled Inner Tip "Our new belts features a profiled tip on the Inner Belt to aid the threading of the Inner belt through shooting pants belt loops


Important Belt Size Ordering Information

Our belts are the specified waist size - length & have an additional 9" or 23cm overlap.

Example 1: if you have a 38" or 97cm waist you can order the 38" - 97cm size belt & will have 9" or 23cm overlap. The overall length of a Eg: 38" - 97" Belt is actually 46.5" - 118cm long. So sufficient overlap has already been included.

Example 2: If your waist size is slightly larger than Eg: 38" - 97cm. Or if you want or require additional overlap, you may want to order a size 40" - 102cm Belt "this has an actuall overall length of 49" -124cm.

The pre-calculated overlap applies across the range of belt sizes we manufacture.

CR Speed Versa 2 Magazine Pouch

Multi Mag Fit & Ambidextrous the Versa-Pouch is unlike any other Mag Pouch on the Market, supplied with Inserts that can be added or removed to fit a variety of popular pistol magazines. The Versa-Pouch is also supplied with a large retention adjuster knob, which allows you to make fast & easy retention adjustments. The ambidextrous design of the Vesa-Pouch also makes it equally compatible for Left or Right-handed shooters. Speedy retention adjustment Fully ambidextrous Multiple magazine fit "from one pouch" Easy angle adjustment Available In Black, Red, & Blue Quality construction.

  • One Pouch for a multitude of different magazines.
  • Ambidextrous construction.
  • The Versa-Pouch is available in many colors - to represent Country or Team Colors.

Versa-Pouch will accept the following magazines

High Capacity“STI, SV, SPS, Springfield Armory, Para Ordnance, Bul M5, Kimber & Charles Dally Hi Cap etc.”· Most 9mm & 40 S&W Double Stack Mags“Beretta 92 & clones, Tanfoglio, CZ 75 & Clones, HK USP 9mm / 40, pringfield XD S&W, Sig Sauer etc.”· Glock“All Small frame Glock mags. Sub-compact, compact & fullsize 9MM & 40S&W models ”Single Stack 1911 Mags.

Complete Holster with C-BAX "Production" Holster Hanger

Designed for USPSA Production, Single Stack, Multi-Gun & 3 Gun. Our C-Bax Production Versa-Hanger system allows you to use a rules compliant Kydex Holster "Blade-Tech" Hole Pattern, Holster Body with Your CR Speed Belt & Versa-Pouches.

The Hanger allows increased adjustability of your Holster Angle 2 Planes as well as Height adjustment for perfect positioning.

The Hanger allows maximum inner & outer belt Velcro engagement and feature twin lock down screws for precise Holster positioning enhancing stability & comfort.

  • Uses a Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster Pouch
  • USPSA Production, Single Stack, Muliti-Gun & 3 Gun Nation.
  • Perfect Positioning with Maximum Adjustment.
  • Enhance Stability & Comfort with C-Bax.
  • Maximum Inner / Outer belt Velcro engagement. & Lock down screw.
  • Improved on belt ,Pouch Rigidity, Stability.
  • Slimmer Profile for Enhanced Shooter comfort.
  • Very Tight on Double Alpha Belts

What's the optional Belt Mounted Magnet?

The CR Speed Belt Mounted C-BAX MAGNA - Pouch is an Ideal piece of kit for stages where picking up and retaining a magazine is part of the Shoot briefing. No more time waisting  trying to stow a magazine as precious time slips away.

CR Speed Belt Mounted Magnet by Rescomp


2 Reviews

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    Excellent Design and Quality

    Posted by Bob C. on May 7th 2018

    Every item in this rig is thoughtfully designed and well made. I know it will serve me well.

  • 5
    CBAX for SIG P226

    Posted by on Sep 26th 2017

    I was upgraded to a DAA belt. Beautiful setup, if only I could get mag pouches on belt. Belt is thick.