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CUDALUBE High Performance Lubricant Oil, 2oz

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There have been quite a few niche lubricants over the last several years that have in some way gotten a following. Cudalube is Ben's current favorite. This is a high viscosity lubricant, not a grease like slide-glide. This lubricant stays in place for quite a long time and then wipes off easily, facilitating easy cleaning of your pistol.

The bottom line, if you are a lazy bastard like Ben and you want to lube your pistol the absolute minimum number of times and have it stay lubed for the maximum amount of time, Cudalube is pretty damn boss.

Info from Cudalube:

CUDALUBE is a high performance lubricant developed by Shooting Sports Innovations.

Packaged in a 2 Ounce Bottle. Kit includes an 18 gauge needle dispenser and a sealed cap.

CUDALUBE is a low friction gun oil that will keep your investments running in the harshest conditions. It will stay where applied and provide a ball bearing action to your moving parts. Cleaning your firearm is easier with CUDALUBE due to it's zero friction characteristics and carbon suspension properties. A single cloth and/or Q-tip is all that is needed. It is safe for all firearms inlcuding polymer frames, gas driven rifles, and is also great for any sqeaky wheel around the house. Proven by thousands of rounds of testing in my experience in shooting sports, this product is the last gun lubricant you will ever need. Remember, if you compete in any type of shooting sports.... when friction strikes, you lose!