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Limcat Custom 2011 Wedge Thumb Rest

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Limcat Custom 2011 Wedge Thumb Rest

  • Fully Machined 6061 Aluminum
  • Coarse Checker Texture with Rounded Edges
  • Includes 2x Mounting Screws (5-40)
  • Sandblast Finish
  • CNC Precision Quality
  • Proudly Made in USA

All LIMCAT CUSTOM INTERNATIONAL LLC products are intended to be installed by a qualified professional gunsmith familiar with fitting, function and safe operation of firearms.

DO NOT attempt to install these parts yourself.

SAFETY is the foremost consideration of each person who owns or handles firearms or ammunition. ALWAYS assume the firearm is loaded and handle it as such. Firearms are potentially lethal and can cause great harm. YOU are responsible for the safe handling, legal ownership, proper transportation and correct use of your firearm. LIMCAT CUSTOM INTERNATIONAL LLC and its affiliates are not responsible nor liable for any illegalities or consequences caused by the mishandling of your firearms or its parts.

OBTAIN qualified supervision and instruction if you have any questions concerning safe handling and operation of your firearm.