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Practical Shooting Training by Ben Stoeger & Joel Park

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Practical Shooting Training Book
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Practical Shooting Training by Ben Stoeger & Joel Park

Practical Shooting Training is the most detailed and specific training manual for practical shooting that has ever been produced. This book is the culmination of years of steady training, instruction, teaching, and writing. Invariably the first question I get will be from people that have followed my work over the past years. “What is different about this book?” This is a fair question, so let me answer. Practical Shooting Training is a “layered” approach to training. Instead of dumping out all the information you need for your training and then having you sift through hundreds of pages of drills and training information we have decided to structure this book in a new way. There are 4 levels of training. Among these different levels, every reader should be able to find where they fit in and get to work from that point. Think of each level as a self-contained training book. Each level has a different mix of drills, goals and standards. The same exercises evolve and change over time as your shooting grows and changes. Each level of training is segregated in the book so it will be easy to work within that level.If you have never fired a round at a match before, you start out at level 1. If you are chasing your 4th National title, you go to level 4. The structure allows this book to work for a wide audience and will give you plenty of room to grow as you work through the book.

Paperback : 338 pages