Sprinco 4" Walther PDP/PPQ/Q4 9mm Recoil Management Guide Rod System

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Sprinco 4" Walther PDP/PPQ/Q4 9mm Recoil Management Guide Rod System

Quick Overview:

Maximize your shooting performance and extend the lifespan of your weapon with our advanced Recoil Management Guide Rod System. Perfect for 4" 9mm Walther and PPQ/PDP/P99/Q4 models.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Materials: Heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel rod, polished to perfection.
  • Easy Installation: No modification to the firearm required; installation as simple as stock guide rod systems.
  • Versatility: Works with any 4" slide, not dependent on barrel or frame size.

Benefits of Installation:

  • Lifetime Warranty: Never worry about breakage.
  • Reduced Muzzle Climb: For faster sight recovery.
  • Lower Felt Recoil: Improves control during rapid fire.
  • Firearm Protection: Extends the duty cycle of your pistol.
  • Legal for Competition: Approved for IDPA, USPSA, and CMP divisions.
  • Spring Included: Red(Versitile Use)

Ammunition Guidelines:

  • Light Ammo (115gr, 124 gr, 135 gr): Use YELLOW recoil spring; ideal down to 125 PF.
  • Heavy Ammo (145 gr, 147 gr, 150 gr, 160 gr): Use YELLOW or WHITE recoil springs; maintain PF above 130.
  • Versatile Ammo Use: Standard kit includes a RED recoil spring for higher Power Factors (PF at or above 140).

**Springs Sold Seperatly Here.**

Special Notes:

  • Compensator Use: Choose a minimally efficient micro-comp if installing one.
  • Recoil Springs: To adapt to various ammo types, various springs are available here.


  • No Replacement Needed: Chrome silicon wire secondary springs never need replacing.
  • Custom Fit: Non-Mil-Spec Dimension 1911 rods modified upon request.

Take your shooting experience to the next level with our proven, reliable Recoil Management System. Perfect for both expert and novice shooters aiming for quick target acquisition and lowered split times.