Sprinco Recoil Management Guide Rod System Versatility Kit for Glock 17 Gen 4

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Sprinco Recoil Management Guide Rod System Versatility Kit fits Glock 17 Gen 4 (16758)

Glock 17 Generation 4 VERSATILITY KIT (Includes Slide Bushing and 17#, 15#, and 13# Recoil Springs)

Extend the life of your weapon by installing a Sprinco Recoil Management Guide Rod System. A secondary, or sub-spring assembly is incorporated onto a heat treated, stainless steel guide rod to cushion the slide to frame impact! All components, including the chrome silicon wire secondary springs, are hand polished to a brilliant finish for reduced friction.

Our products are used by many of the top competition shooters in the world, including both World and Multi-National Champions. Their reliability is validated by their use by Law Enforcement and Elite U.S. Military Forces around the world in combat deployment.

Sprinco USA Recoil Reducers make a significant difference by the management of peak impact forces to the slide /frame interface. The graduated sub-spring is engineered and critically positioned in each model to ensure normal cycling and reliability. In most models, the spent case has already been ejected prior to slide deceleration. The reduced slide to frame impact results in reduced energy transfer to the grip, wrist, and other extremities ("less felt recoil"), as well as extending the duty cycle of your pistol. This is a proven effective no frills, no gimmick approach to recoil management.

Installation is as easy as installing your stock guide rod system. No firearm modification is necessary to enjoy significant reductions in muzzle flip and perceived (felt) recoil. The system improves your shooting with faster follow up shots, faster sight recovery and improves control of your rapid fire shot strings. While you may not be bothered by the recoil of your gun, expert as well as novice shooters benefit from faster target acquisition and lowered split times.

Some of the benefits of installing a Sprinco Recoil Management System in your firearm include:

Reduces Muzzle Climb
Faster Sight Recovery for Follow Up Shots
Reduces Felt (Perceived) Recoil
Protects Your Firearm
Legal or Competition in All IDPA, USPSA, And CMP Divsions
Heat Treated 17-4 Stainless Steel
Chrome Silicon Wire Secondary Springs Never Have To Be Replaced
No Modification to Firearm Required
Non-Mil-Spec Dimension 1911 Rods Modified To Fit Your Pistol
FREE If Requested Dimensions Are Provided When Placing Order