Warne QD 1 Piece QD XSKEL Cantilever Scope / Optic Mount

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Warne QD 1 Piece QD XSKEL Cantilever Scope / Optic Mount

Warne's 1 Piece QD X-SKEL Cantilever Mount features dual quick detach levers and is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum for a lightweight and rigid foundation. Steel threaded inserts ensure steel on steel contact between all threaded interfaces, and MSR Ideal Height helps the shooter maintain a proper cheek weld and shooting position with any optic on flat top guns. The QD X-SKEL gives you a generous forward cantilever for modern scopes, while reducing weight with its skeletonized design, and Return-to-Zero performance that Warne is known for.


  • Dual quick detach levers for fast installation and removal
  • Lightweight, skeletonized aluminum body and caps to reduce overall weight without sacrificing reliability
  • #8 Torx style fasteners with steel threaded inserts to prevent stripping
  • Extended design provides over 2 inches of forward cantilever for additional eye relief
  • Places the optic at the IDEAL HEIGHT for MSR and similar style platforms