10-8 Performance

10-8 Performance Magazine Catch for Staccato 2011 Gen 1 & Springfield Prodigy

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10-8 Performance Magazine Catch for Staccato 2011 Gen 1 & Springfield Prodigy

The 10-8 Performance magazine catch for the STI/Staccato 2011 Gen1 Grip Module features a unique 30lpi serrated curved button surface for positive activation. The curved button surface matches the contour of your thumb pad when the pistol is rolled over for a reload, and the serrations provide improved traction over the smooth factory unit. Overall length of the button protrusion, as measured at the longest part, is similar to the factory unit. This is NOT an extended length/width button. Face of the serrated button features a machined bevel to improve user comfort during handling and carry.

Fits ONLY STI/Staccato 2011 double stack models with Gen1 grip modules (P, P DUO, all legacy STI models with Gen1 grips, and aftermarket brands using the STI Gen1 Grip Module - including TriArc, Chambers). Does NOT fit Gen2 grip modules, aftermarket grip modules of any form - machined metal, 3D printed, or injection molded, or single stack models (C, C DUO, R). 

  • Gen1/Legacy Grip Modules may have the tree bark texturing or double diamond molded checkering, as well as the faux grip screw at the bottom half of the grip. 
  • Gen2 Grip Modules can be identified by the molded texturing and the star logo on the lower portion of the side of the grip. This catch IS NOT compatible with these modules.

Also fits Springfield Prodigy 1911 DS factory grip module using the factory magazine catch spring and magazine catch lock.

Machined from hardened 4140 bar stock, with black oxide (blue) finish. Does not include spring or catch lock (spring/catch lock are compatible with standard 1911, but NOT with Gen2 and later Staccato grip modules). Engineered as a drop in fit to the polymer module, but due to the wide variety of mag catch locks and springs used over the years, some very minor tuning may be required.