Aluminum Magazine Locking Floor Plate by Henning

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Aluminum Magazine Locking Floor Plate by Henning

Henning Group's aluminum machined locking plate for designed to limit your magazine capacity. The reason for limiting magazine capacity can either be state/local magazine restrictions, or having a convenient 10 round loadable magazine. Our locking plate limits the capacity by using different length screws. 

This product is machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized in either black or silver. It has a threaded hole for installing a screw to limit capacity:

10 Rounds Black Locking Plate with Screw.

"max" capacity is 16 rounds for CZ and 17 rounds for Sig Sauer floorplates. 
17 Rounds Black Locking Plate, No Screw. This option is for Sig Sauer P320 only. 

The Locking Feature is ROUND for the CZ75 and RECTANGULAR for the P320.

We use BLACK locking plate to indicate LEGAL/NORMAL capacity, i.e. 10 rounds for USPSA / State Law.

USPSA Production & IPSC Production rules says 15 rounds. But in both you can use a starter mag with one extra round. It is made for your convenience as we use it that way ourselves.