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BSPS Magazine Floor Plates / Base Plates

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BSPS Magazine Floor Plate for Mecgar Magazines

These floor plates are designed for Mec-gar CZ and Tanfo magazines when used with our Shockbottle easy off basepads. Extended and beveled button allows easy tools free disassembly. Captured mag spring design means less hassle during reassembly. High visibility orange color aids in locating if dropped.

5 Reviews

  • 5
    They work

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 31st 2019

    Left stock plates on spring, put in a small spacer (home made)with a hole in it to clear button on stock plate, using these under spacer. For loading to 10 it gives me a bit more spring pressure to push up the first round, am hoping that will improve the feeding reliability with the occasional slide lock reload.

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    Works with Henning Pads!

    Posted by Scott T on May 9th 2018

    Did you break a factory floor plate during dryfire? I did and being too cheap to buy factory, I gave this a try. To my surprise and satisfaction, these work with Henning base pads as well.

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    Fine if you need it

    Posted by (optional) on Mar 29th 2018

    Have a couple basepads that are honery about latching up with the stock (flat) plate. Cone shaped plunger on these fixes that.

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    works on my SP pads

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 4th 2018

    I have springer precision pads that I wanted to put on my sp01 mags that came with the +2 pads. These are much cheaper than the mecgar locking plates I needed, and they seem to work just as well, holding the pad in place, even though I think these were designed for shockbottle pads only.

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    Posted by Joe on Mar 13th 2017

    I'm running these with the shock bottle basepads which by themselves are great. However, since I don't have ball point pen finger tips, removal of the pads during a match for quick cleaning, for sand or tiny boulder removal just stinks cuz I either don't like taking the time (being that guy who doesn't do anything to help the squad) or hardly ever have "table space" required for surgery. With these plates I can pop off the pad easily and do a quick clean of any mag while standing anywhere. Whether you agree or not with how much time you're ok with taking addressing your post run/set up for next stage loading here's a great example... at my last local match due to circumstances we wound up with a squad of 8 quickly after a first stage DQ to a shooter and one other guy switched squads. The DQ guy left and myself and 3 other shooters were the only ones capable of doing "RO" duties. I had little to no time to do anything other than load quickly after shooting. With these plates on numerous occasions I was able to clear a bunch of small rocks and dirt extremely fast and thus had no equipment issues. Quite a long post for a 2$ item I know but if you read reviews like me you want to know why and how something earned it's great rating. These are a must have!