Canik 24 Round Magazine 140mm by MBX

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Canik 24 Round Magazine 140mm by MBX

The “NEW” MBX Canik magazines have been developed for Competition. We wanted to provide a one piece America Stainless 410 heat treated tube for Ultimate Performance, Durability and Reliability. Our feed lips are a formed with thicker material and precision cut for Flawless Feeding.

Our new competition design on the Canik tightens up the mag catch slot tolerance this prevents the factory mag catch and the magazine from over insertion causing any ejector or feed lip damage.

What’s so different ?

We increased the bullet angle to keep the nose of the bullet pointed more directly to the chamber this helped to increase feeding and add clearance under the ejector. Unlike the factory magazine that have material removed to avoid ejector contact or damage the new MBX design allowed for the rear feed lip to be retained adding strength to that very important part of the magazine.

We also engineered other important changes:

1. The magazine side indents have two stage angles this assures for the upcoming bullets to raise quickly as the bullets reduced to a single column and present the round in the feed lips fast and always nose up preventing any FTF due to bullet nose dip.

2. Rounds are also released sooner from the new MBX. This allows the round more time to go up the breach face under the extractor all while reducing the bullet climb angle and allowing for a very smooth slide closing aiding in the ability to run reduced power loads and lighter recoil springs but still keeping reliable in feeding and slide closing.

3. The follower is designed to sit low. Remember the last round only has to be presented in order to feed correctly. The competition follower is designed to sit low in the magazine after the last round has been chambered. Stoping the follower low is deliberate because upon the last shot the slide will cycle shut. The conventional follower engages the slide stop so we need to prevent any damage after the last round is fired to the competition follower as the slide goes across the top of the empty magazine.


NOTE: Remember with Competition Followers always load your New magazine 3-5 times to Max in order to set the spring before inserting into your gun. Never insert new magazine empty as damage WILL occur to follower and spring if the slide is cycled.