CED / DAA Deluxe Quick Patch Paster Tape Gun

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CED Deluxe Quick Patch Paster Tape Gun by Competitive Edge Dynamics 

All the benefits of normal Target Tape Guns, with more! The CED Deluxe Tape Gun patches holes on targets faster and easier than humanly possible by hand. Extremely easy and fun to use! No need to worry about running out of patches while in the middle of a match! The CED Deluxe Tape Gun will handle most brands of full size patches available on the market today. No custom patches needed for this one! Increase efficiency, save time, and have lots of fun. Simply squeeze, release, and apply! Easy to aim, easy to use, and easy to load! The CED Deluxe Tape Gun has it all!

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Fast draw, hole filler

    Posted by CHAD HEDGES on Dec 31st 2023

    I can't believe I have shot for so many years without buying one of these before. This makes pasting targets a snitch. Makes a trip to the range more shooting and less target pasting.

  • 5
    Time saver

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 10th 2020

    This was needed to maximize my range time focused on shooting not resetting

  • 5
    Cuts time

    Posted by Robert Bodkin on Aug 21st 2019

    It’s expensive and it took me 3 years to get one but it does get you Shooting quickly it’s easy to use and dependable.

  • 5
    Great product for resetting targets

    Posted by Robert Neal on Apr 30th 2019

    Basically.... it's simple I can reset 3-4 target's faster than hand tapping does 1

  • 5
    So good I bought 2

    Posted by BDP on Feb 26th 2019

    As a match director I purchased some of these to speed up reset. They are worth every penny. Once you use one you will get one!

  • 5

    Posted by James Karchut on Dec 6th 2018

    You walk up to the target. The shooter had a couple of makeups on this one and you're looking at 4 holes. You peel that tape off of your pants and rip a piece off. Oops, that was bigger than needed. Oh well. Next piece. A bit small. Took two for that one. Next two go ok - soon you'll get to B class in taping! On to the next target... maybe you do two or three a reset. Those are rookie numbers! You need to bring those numbers up! Enter the CED paster gun. Loaded with 1000 of the finest, tannest, pastiest pasters available you approach the target. No time wasted tearing or peeling tape, you blaze off four pasters with a 0.17 split time. The joker at another target is still looking at his first piece of tape, wondering how - after all this time, he still can't rip a piece of tape the right size to cover the hole. You're done your second target! You are the squad hero! They carry you off the range on their shoulders! Or you could just want to save time and effort taping during matches and practice. This paster gun saves you more time than you think it can. A must have to spend more of your practice time shooting instead of taping. Once you use it there you'll never go back.

  • 5
    Good purchase

    Posted by Robert on Dec 5th 2018

    Get one!! You won’t regret it!!!

  • 5
    Grand Master paster

    Posted by Neil Bruchu on Aug 4th 2017

    GM paster level pasting. Fast, accurate. It transitions well. Everything a good paster needs!

  • 5
    Open Tape Gun

    Posted by PCC Life on May 25th 2017

    Every competition shooter needs one of these. They take all the hassle out of taping and speed the whole squad up!

  • 5
    Just tested it this weekend!

    Posted by Martin on Mar 4th 2017

    Just tested it this weekend and everyone loved how fast it worked. You can have only two people walk out to the targets with these as one person can do three targets while a person with tape only does one. Are local group owner seen this he said that he will buy 3 or 4 of these and we should be able to get in one or two more stages of shooting with the time we save!

  • 5
    Versatile paster gun

    Posted by Carroll E. Vick on Feb 6th 2017

    Very easy to use, fast, simple. Adapts to many sizes of labels/pasters. Every shooter should have one !