CED/DAA Waterproof Target Pasters - Pack of 10, Unboxed

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CED/DAA Waterproof Target Pasters - Pack of 10, Unboxed

Ideal for Match and competition use, the CED/DAA bulk packs of Waterproof Target Pasters are the  perfect solution for ALL-WEATHER conditions.  Unboxed 10-Pack rolls are easy to distribute for competition matches and great for individual practice days at the range.   The unboxed rolls fit nicely into the CED Deluxe Target Tape Gun for fast-action patching of targets when speed is of the essence. 

Whether raining, humid, or sunny and dry, these patches will not let you down!  Ideal for USPSA, IPSC, and IDPA match use.

  • Material – Coated label paper with permanent waterproof adhesive, Tan brown color (matches cardboard targets)
  • Ideal for all types of targets, including non-coated cardboard targets and coated waterproof targets
  • Size – 7/8” square with rounded corners
  • Packaging – Packaged with 1,000 pasters per dispenser box

The tan brown color matches cardboard IPSC and IDPA targets, as well as the Classic, AP-1, and NRA D-1 targets. It's also the correct paster to use on IPSC and Classic AirSoft targets. 

They are sold in sleeves of 10,000 pasters, comprising of 1,000 pasters per roll.