CHPWS CZ P-10 V4 Holosun 407k / 507k Red Dot Optic Adapter Plate

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CHPWS CZ P-10 V4 Holosun 407k / 507k Red Dot Optic Adapter Plate

What is the V4 Series of Adapter Plates and Why?
The CHPWS V4 Series of adapter plates has evolved over the past five years because the OEM mounting plates are the weakest link in the Red Dot System.
The new MIL/LEO V4 Series addresses the mounting hardware while retaining our industry leading thread engagement.

All new V4 plates will feature our Patent Pending replaceable stainless steel T-Nuts and stainless steel Torx® head screws which are used to mount the RDS (Red Dot System) to the V4 plate giving you the ability to replace the mounting hardware without replacing the entire plate.
The V4 Series retains it’s industry leading six to seven full revolutions of thread engagement for maximum retention.  The secret to retaining MRDS’s on pistols is not the material a plate is made from – IT’S THREAD ENGAGEMENT!!!
V4 MIL LEO Adapter Plates come with the following:

Qty 1 – Adapter Plate
Qty 2 – 416 Stainless steel T-Posts
Qty 2 –  Stainless Steel Torx Head Screws
Qty 2 –  Stainless Steel M3 Screws
Qty 1 – Single Use Pack of VibraTite VC-3