DAA 3-Piece Carbide Pistol Die Set

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DAA 3-piece Carbide Pistol Die Set

The Double Alpha Academy Reloading Die Sets, produced in collaboration with Lee Precision, are configured with the progressive rifle, pistol and revolver reloaders in mind.

Our configuration separates the crimping and seating dies while maintaining a 3-piece set for cost-effectiveness and efficient use of space in your reloading tool holder. Additionally, each set includes 2 spare decapping pins and 3 extra DAA thin-walled 1” steel locking nuts.

Why Choose Double Alpha Academy Reloading Die Sets?

Our reloading die sets are designed with precision, efficiency, and reliability in mind. Precisely produced by Lee Precision and configured by DAA, they provide an outstanding reloading experience for both experienced and novice reloaders.

Key Advantages:

  • Carbide sizing rings. Used in both the sizing die and pistol crimp dies
  • Configured for the Action shooter: Our 3-piece sets separate crimping and bullet seating processes for better crimping results and to prevent case damage. Includes what you need – and none of what you don’t.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support: We are dedicated to assisting you with any questions or issues you may encounter.
  • All using industry standard 7/8" x 14 threading
  • Additional included Items:
    • 3 Additional locking nuts
    • 2 Spare double-end decapping pins
    • Includes a custom, durable and multipurpose EVA box for convenient storage and portability. Also perfect for later use as an accessory box.

Carbide Full-Length Sizing Die

The DAA Carbide Full-Length Sizing Die deprimes and resizes the entire spent cartridge, ensuring it will chamber in any pistol of that caliber. These dies are engineered to size cases as minimally as possible, avoiding "overworking" the brass while ensuring proper chambering. This smooth resizing with minimal friction significantly extends the life of your brass.

The tungsten carbide insert is so hard that it can only be ground and polished by diamond wheels. The solid carbide insert is precision-ground to a special contour that prevents the belt marks common with ordinary carbide dies. The hard, diamond polished surface, eliminates the need of lubricant, unlike regular steel dies. Additionally the case is burnished, reducing case sticking and improving its finish. Built to last a lifetime, carbide dies are exceptionally durable and resistant to wear.

The decapper is retained by a collet, and the decapping pin can be secured by tightening the collet bolt. It is extremely rigid and can even deprime military cases. If the pin encounters an obstruction, it will slide up without causing any damage.

Key Features:

  • Deprimes and Resizes: Time-efficient and ensures proper chambering.
  • Minimal Brass Wear: Extends brass life.
  • Special Contour Design: No belt marks.
  • Carbide Construction: No lubricant needed; built to last a lifetime.

Bullet Seating Die

The DAA Bullet Seating Die allows you to seat a bullet to your desired cartridge overall length with precision and ease. This die is also capable of crimping the cartridge simultaneously if adjusted to engage the crimp shoulder as the case rim rises. However, we recommend separating the seating and crimping steps for improved reload quality. Adjust the floating bullet seating plug to seat the bullet past the crimp shoulder, enhancing the overall consistency and performance of your reloads.

The Bullet Seating Die is equipped with a floating bullet seating plug for maximum accuracy. It is designed to seat all bullet shapes with minimal deformation. If you attempt to compress the charge, it may deform the bullet significantly. In such cases, it may be necessary to modify the bullet seating punch to better fit the bullet.

Key Features:

  • Easy adjustment: Finger adjustment seating depth knob eliminates fumbling with spanners and pliers to make adjustments.
  • Precision Seating: Seats bullets to your desired cartridge overall length.
  • Separate Seating and Crimping: For optimal reload quality, adjust the die to separate the seating and crimping steps. However, if you need to save space in your tool holder, you have the option to combine these steps by adjusting the die to crimp while seating.
  • Floating Bullet Seating Plug: Ensures maximum accuracy and minimal bullet deformation.

Versatility: Designed to seat all shapes of bullets effectively.

Carbide Factory Taper/Roll Crimp Die

The DAA Carbide Factory Crimp Die delivers a crimp that rivals factory ammunition, ensuring superior performance and reliability.

Roll vs. Taper Crimp
The die provides either a taper crimp or a roll crimp, depending on the caliber ordered. A taper crimp die is supplied for semi-pistol calibers, while a roll crimp die is provided for revolver calibers.

The DAA Carbide Factory Crimp Die is designed to offer a perfect crimp for reloaded ammunition. This die crimps the bullet with uniform pressure, securing it more firmly than any conventional die.

Tests by Lee Precision have shown that using a Factory Crimp Die results in a more uniform pressure curve and increased bullet accuracy, eliminating the problem of poor/slow igniting magnum powders. A firm crimp is essential for reliable and accurate ammunition, and you cannot over-crimp with this die.

The adjustment screw is quick and easy to use, allowing you to set the desired amount of crimp. Unlike conventional bullet seating dies, it is impossible to buckle the case with this die. Additionally, trim length is not critical, so this extra operation takes less time than it would if cases were trimmed and chamfered.

Carbide ring
The carbide ring calibrates the reloaded cartridge while crimping the bullet, ensuring that each cartridge chambers with factory-like reliability. The carbide sizer won't make contact with every case. It's designed as a backup tool for those occasional problematic rounds that could potentially jam your gun.   

For sure chambering and factory-like performance, use the DAA Carbide Factory Crimp Die.

Key Features:

  • Uniform Pressure Crimp: Ensures the bullet is held firmly in place.