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Dry-Fire Targets in Reduced Scale - USPSA Style

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Reduced Scale Dry-Fire Targets - USPSA Style

Introducing the Reduced-Scale USPSA-Style Dry Fire Targets: Your Key to Mastering Precision and Speed

Elevate your shooting skills with the Reduced-Scale USPSA-Style Dry Fire Targets. These expertly designed targets bring the excitement and challenge of competitive shooting to your home, providing the perfect training solution for shooters of all levels.

Experience dynamic, engaging practice sessions with these scaled-down USPSA-style targets. The reduced size simulates greater shooting distances, enhancing your precision and speed without requiring a vast training space. Transform your dry fire practice into an immersive, effective experience.

Stay motivated and focused with the realistic design of these dry fire targets. The familiar USPSA-style target shapes sharpen your target acquisition and transition skills.

The high-quality, durable materials of these targets ensure long-lasting performance. Enjoy countless practice sessions without worrying about wear and tear. The lightweight design makes setup, storage, and transportation a breeze, fitting seamlessly into your training routine.

Customize your training to suit your needs with these versatile dry fire targets. Experiment with different target arrangements and distances to create unique shooting scenarios. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a novice shooter, these targets provide the perfect foundation for skill development.

Save on range fees, ammunition, and travel expenses with these cost-effective targets. Invest in your shooting prowess by integrating consistent, focused practice into your daily routine. Experience the satisfaction of improved accuracy, and speed in your shooting abilities.

Are you ready to unlock your true shooting potential? Don't hesitate – order your Reduced-Scale USPSA-Style Dry Fire Targets today! Embrace the power of quality training and become the skilled shooter you've always aspired to be.

1/3 Scale: 1 Foot = 1 Yard
Example: Standing 10 feet from the target simulates a full size target at 10 yards.

1/6 Scale: 1 Foot = 2 Yards
Example: Standing 10 feet from the target simulates a full size target at 20 yards.

This kit includes:

3 x 1/3rd Scale USPSA Style Targets
3 x 1/6th Scale USPSA Style Targets
3 x 2" Circles
3 x 1/6th Scale Popper
3 x 1/6th Scale Mini Popper

Not official targets.

Dry-Fire Target Scale

Optional Plate Rack, Texas Star, IPSC Poppers & Plates - Dry-Fire Targets 

6 x 2" Circles
2 x 1/6th Scale IPSC Style Popper
2 x 1/6th Scale IPSC Style Mini Popper
1 x Plate Rack
1 x Texas Star