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Dryfire Targets
Dryfire Targets

Scaled Dryfire Target Kit including USPSA Metric Targets, Poppers, Mini-Poppers, and Dots

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Product Description

Scaled Dryfire Target Kit including USPSA Metric Targets, Poppers, Mini-Poppers, and Dots

This kit is made from laser cut cardboard. There is a brown side and a white side to each target.

This is a must have for serious shooters looking for "realistic" training targets.

1/3 Scale: 1 Foot = 1 Yard
Example: Standing 10 feet from the target simulates a full size target at 10 yards. 

1/6 Scale: 1 Foot = 2 Yards
Example: Standing 10 feet from the target simulates a full size target at 20 yards. 

This kit includes:
  • 6 x 1/3rd Scale USPSA Metric Targets 
  • 6 x 2" Circles
  • 3 x 1/6th Scale Pepper Popper
  • 3 x 1/6th Scale Mini Pepper Popper

Not official targets.

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  1. Great practice targets!!!

    Posted by CZ S2 on Feb 27th 2019

    Great quality for the price you're paying!!! Look forward to purchasing more when needed.

  2. Great product and price

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 11th 2018

    Loved the variety you get and they set up perfectly for dryfire training

  3. Great Quality

    Posted by tim jeffreys on Sep 14th 2018

    The best way to train in dryfire is to visually have the same type of targets. These represent what you will see in live fire.The only thing better is to combine these with the books ,Dryfire Reloading and Skills and Drills Reloaded.

  4. Awesome

    Posted by Tbone on Apr 7th 2018

    Wow!! The fit and finish on these miniature targets is awesome. I use them to practice for IDPA and USPSA compitions. I think it has improved my trigger control as well as my distance shooting. In my practice room I have them in different locations, around the room. So I can move and shoot or use for transitions. I would highly recommend this product. Thanks

  5. Cool little dryfire targets

    Posted by Jesse on Mar 21st 2018

    I have enjoyed using them. They’re the perfect size to put in my work bag when I work overnights. I have also introduced to my two year old little boy. He thinks it’s cool to shoot targets like daddy, with his toy guns.
    The only complaint I have with them is the edges are falling off. The laser that put the lines in went a little deep. Other than that, they make a good practice tool. I’d recommend them.

  6. Makes Dry Fire practice fun

    Posted by Ralph on Feb 13th 2018

    In stead of looking at walls these help make DF training easier, with the reduction in size it's easier to get a distance and sight picture working in my home..

  7. Quit shooting your light switches!

    Posted by John O on Feb 5th 2018

    This is the best thing to come to your dry fire sessions bar none. Gone are the days of drawing and pressing the trigger on light switches. Elevate your game with these targets and push yourself to a new high! Seriously though, if you don't have these already you're a step behind what your potential can be.

  8. Why print out paper when you can have the best!

    Posted by Drew on Oct 3rd 2017

    I’ve been dry firing inside using printed version of the targets, while they were ok it just wasn’t close enough to the real thing.

    These are the best scaled versions for the price so after spending a ton of money for your gun and rig why scrimp on targets?

    They really are nice!

  9. Great quality, cheap dry fire practice

    Posted by Brandon on Jul 25th 2017

    Great quality 1/3 scale targets. If you are tight on space get the 1/6 scale. I used the 3m removable wall tape so I can rearrange them any time as many times as I want. Extremely well detailed for the cost. Shipping was cheap as well as super fast. Can't go wrong ordering from Stoeger pro shop nor can you go wrong practicing with these targets. Cutting your own out is cool and all but ends up looking sloppy if you keep them up, whereas these look like they belong in your gun room. Will buy another set at some point, also make sure you check out the stages on this site so you can set them up differently. Set 1/3 scale slightly offset of 1/6 to mimic targets that are farther out, get creative.

  10. great product!!!

    Posted by Barnabie Mejia on Jun 9th 2017

    My son and I are floored by how much more effective dry fire we can get in now with the scaled target package! We have them set up in our home and we need at most 15 feet to work with! We also bought the 1/6 scale so we can work on movement towards targets and away from them. Before we would dry fire in the back yard setting up full size targets, but setting up and taking them down was just as much of a chore as going to the range. Now we can make sure we are working fundamentals in the comfort of our home with the ac on during the hot summer days! We just put in another order to expand our inventory!

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