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Grayguns Sig P320 +5 Brass Basepads by Taylor Freelance

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Grayguns Sig P320 +5 Heavy Brass Base Pads by Taylor Freelance

GrayGuns + Taylor Freelance = Awesome

- +5 capacity
- rock-solid retention with easy takedown
- USPSA 140mm Legal
- Ships with custom spring
- a complete kit!

Grayguns recently asked us to put together an upgraded version of our 140mm basepad for use with their USPSA Nationals-winning SIG 320. Using design cues from the TF/GGI “Hard Duty” line, we added a dot tracking system and officer's signature block to the base.

The sides show the “rip strip” common to all “Hard Duty” parts, making it easy to tear the magazine free if it gets hung up – only now it’s low enough you can grip-it-and-rip-it out of a magwell if need be! That “rip strip” necessitated a new locking plate design, but TF’s torture-tested spring-steel locking plate system remains. (Refined on duty with the Border Patrol Tactical Operations Group, “BORTAC.”) Ships with its own 140mm-length spring (by Wolff Gunsprings), and is available in hard-anodized aluminum (black), or high-polish brass.

CAUTION: Product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.