HK VP9 Competition Basepad by Taylor Freelance

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HK VP9 Competition Basepad by Taylor Freelance 

Extend the base of your magazine to make reloading more positive and secure. Our "Competition" line of basepads stay under the 1-ounce weight limit of IDPA "Stock Service Pistol" and within the size limits imposed by USPSA's "Box Rule" -- making them the cat's meow for action shooting competitors. At the same time, it's big enough to work with our magwells, and does away with the common "hooking loss" caused by one magazine "hooking" the other as you try to draw them out of a double magazine pouch (common to the HK, S&W M&P, SIG 320, etc. etc.). We're working on a video to show this, but our "Competition" line is almost hook-proof! Also works great on the new P30SK. Gives your pinky something to hold onto! Due to U.S. State Department restrictions, we cannot ship this part internationally.