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Mr Bullet Feeder Die Return by Range Panda

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Mr Bullet Feeder Die Return by Range Panda

  • You have two issues that can arise with the drop tube assuming it's adjusted correctly.
  • The Mr Bullet feeder drop tube will sometimes drop multiple projectiles onto the floor and shell plate causing powder spillage and interruption of your loading. This happens when the drop tube gets stuck in the upright position. Also, you can have inconsistent bullet seating assuming your case expansion/bell is correct.
  • This threaded item allows you to use an ordinary pen spring (NOT INCLUDED) to provide downward pull to help prevent the previously stated issues. Simply curl/bend one of your spring ends around the drop tube clip and the other one on the ring side of this thread on piece. The smaller the spring the more downward tension you will have within reason.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Reach out to us for any issue at all.