Tanfoglio / EAA / IFG Stainless Steel Guide Rod by Henning

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Tanfoglio / EAA / IFG Stainless Steel Guide Rod by Henning

Comes in different lengths depending on your model. The new Henning ConeFit Guiderod (top picture) features a new way of sitting in the frame that saves the frame from damage.

The development of the ConeFit was born from need rather than just trying to be creative. As you can see from the pictures of my 2007 Limited HC 40 S&W, the factory guiderod has pushed the material of the frame back and in. Take a look at your own gun and you'll notice how small the guiderod notch is.

The first experience of the problem came for me during the Texas State Limited Championships several years back. I needed to disassemble the slide from the frame to clean it. I was almost not able to get it off and had to use a gunsmith hammer to tap the slide off. At first I had no idea what the problem was and naturally started to worry. After a few minutes of investigation I noticed how the guiderod notch had protruded on the inside. No wonder why the slide was so hard to get off.. the lug of the barrel has to slide past this point. The solution was to take a file and remove the metal. Over the years you can see from the pictures how bad the notch has changed.

The solution was to create a new guiderod that didn't cause this kind of frame molestation. Using the cone shape part of the frame/slide interaction point, we created a cone on the guiderod to match. This has increased the surface area hugely and solved the problem.

The cone sits sub flush of the frame so there is no part of the slide that can hit it. However, it will give a matching designed aluminum shock buffer a chance not to get chewed up by the recoil spring. Another very interesting idea is to create a traditional rubber-style shock buff with a steel washer. The problem by adding a thick shock buffer is that it reduces the rear slide travel. You could add a rubber shock-buff and a steel washer if you would be willing to machine off the same thickness off the slide's dustcover. That would allow the slide to move rearward enough to eject and pick up the next round. I will be willing to do it to my gun. That's a question you have to ask yourself if you want to make that step or not. The first solution I am working on is to find out if a thinner aluminum buffer will hold up and actually still make the gun functional.

Standard Slide: 3.8" fits the standard slide models Stock, Stock II, Gold Team V12
Long Slide: 4.2" fits the longslide models which includes Limited, Limited Custom, Gold Team V8, Match and Stock III

And of course, the guiderod is precision made from 416 stainless steel and hardened to Rockwell 40 to boot ;-). Makes for a nice and shiny show piece as well..

Important Warning:
Modification to your firearm may nullify the manufacturers warranty. This product must be installed by a qualified gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product.