10-8 Performance

10-8 Performance Gen 2 Slide Stop

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10-8 Performance Gen 2 1911 Slide Stop

Our second generation slide stop is an all original design that is totally reengineered to provide you a whole new level of functionality. 

  • Unique pad shape that only protrudes approximately .050" more than a GI style, but with a ledge shape that provides a more positive shelf for manipulation
  • Interior of lobe angled for easy installation - no more scratches on your slide!
  • Engagement surfaces optimized for positive lockback
  • Geometry improves slingshot slide release during reloads
  • Design improves detent spring pressure to minimize chance of premature lockback
  • Optimum diameter .200" (nominal dimension) pin for improved lockup
  • Right end of pin has protruding convex domed tip, same as GI slide stops

Fits all 1911 pattern pistols, including Govt/Commander/Officer sizes and 2011/Caspian/Para double column frames. Also fits Springfield EMP, which will accept the 9/.38/.40 versions.

.45 ACP version has .200" lobe protrusion.

9mm/.38/.40 version has .220" lobe protrusion.  **All calibers other than .45 will use 9/.38 slide stop**

Machined from bar stock and heat treated.

Carbon steel version has black oxide finish.

Stainless Steel version has matte bead blast finish.

*While this part is a drop in fit in many pistols, gunsmith fitting may be required on some guns.  The .200" (nominal) diameter pin is typically bigger than your factory unit (they tend to run .195-.199") and may not fit into the frame hole. The larger diameter pin can create a tighter lockup with the barrel's lower lugs, sometimes such that the gun will not go into battery without gunsmith fitting.

**A popular question is "will this fit in my XXX 1911."  As above, every single 1911 will be a little different, and may or may not require gunsmith fitting.

***This part was the OEM slide stop for the Staccato 2011's from 2018-2020, and their current slide stop has a similarly shaped lever. As much as we'd like to sell you a slide stop, you may not gain much from fitting a 10-8 slide stop to a current Staccato. Further, the Staccato factory machines the barrel lugs to the slide stop in your gun, so that they are dimensionally matched for optimum lockup and accuracy. You cannot simply drop in a new slide stop into your Staccato, and doing so may likely result in a fit inferior to the factory's work. For users new to the 1911/2011, the slide stop is to be depressed with the support hand during the reload, and this lever does not extend to the rear to make your gun like a Glock.