Ghost 360 Universal Magazine / Mag Pouch

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Ghost 360 Universal Magazine / Mag Pouch

The Ghost 360 mag pouch is quite simply the most sensible mag pouch solution on the market. It uses spring tension to hold the magazine in place, giving a very smooth release. You don't need to crank down some tension screw or anything like that, just insert the spring weight you prefer and enjoy being able to pull your magazines free with a minimum of effort. But don't worry about retention,the springs hold the mags securely enough that you wont end up having a yard sale when you need to make a hard run on a stage. Purchase one pouch and you actually get one belt attachment and 2 pouches. One pouch is set up conventionally and the other is set up to point the bullets out, away from your body. Simply attach the pouch that you prefer and you are ready to go. Bullet forward for "go with the flow" squares, or bullets out for you Han Solo rebel types. If you are shopping here, you probably are going to want to go bullets out so you can tell everyone with conventional pouches how inadequate they are. Finally, compare the price of this pouch to other leading brands and you will see why Ben is so crazy about them. In summary: adjustable, well made, and cheap. Bring it.

  • Includes bullet nose out (Ben Style) and bullet nose forward (conventional) pouches
  • Works with Double Stack Mags
  • Available Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Green, Silver, White, Pink, Orange, Yellow
  • 3.2 oz approximate weight

Note: Please do not over torque the center screw as it will result in the pouch breaking. It appears that threadlocker may cause issues so we recommend not using it.

35 Reviews

  • 5
    Helped my reloads speed up and be more consistent

    Posted by Brandon B on Feb 12th 2022

    These pouches are great. Definitely recommended these in a bullets out configuration. The option to have traditional or bullets out make this a hard deal to beat. My reloads instantly became more consistent and faster. If you run these bullets out with them canted 1 notch past center towards rear its a night and day difference than straight up and down

  • 5
    Wish I bought these to begin with

    Posted by Kris B. on Aug 7th 2020

    Solid design, love the ability to run bullets out or forward. Well worth the price

  • 5
    Worth the Price

    Posted by Ken on May 11th 2020

    I have been dry firing and have found the magazine holders very fast and an alternative to the more expensive magazines holders. Well worth the price Ken

  • 5
    Excellent Product

    Posted by Cowboy Jed on Feb 24th 2020

    I decided to shoot a lo-cap major this year, so I needed to upgrade my mag pouches and received a lot of opinions and well meaning advise out there. However, I kept coming back to the Ghost 360 because I really liked the option of bullets out (even though I wasn't sure if I'd like using it that way). Really it came down to the fact that Ben (2019 Production National Champion) used these. I've used them in 2 matches (bullets out) so far, plus lots of dry fire and absolutely love them. I believe they have really made a difference in my reload speed. No regrets.

  • 5

    Posted by Mathew Faulkner on Oct 7th 2019

    Perfect fit, easy to install

  • 5
    Work great

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 5th 2019

    Which description perfectly fast shipping

  • 5
    These magazine carriers work very nicely for my .45 CZ97B.

    Posted by Leslie Tenmaers on Jan 10th 2019

    Finding gear for the CZ97B has been a bit of a challenge, but these magazine carriers work quite well. I like having the option of "bullets out" or "bullets forward", and they work on the strong or weak side of the belt. Lots of adjustment for belt width, also. Only thing I did not like was that the nylon screws to take up space seem likely to fall out at a bad time, simple fix was just to put a strip of electrical tape over them after they were set where I wanted.

  • 4
    Nice sturdy product!!!

    Posted by Christopher Paluch on Nov 21st 2018

    Nice product, well built, retention could b better but all and all, I'm pleased!!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 23rd 2018

    Thumbs up!!!

  • 5
    Outstanding vslue

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 20th 2018

    Outstanding value. Well made gives you various options comes with additional holders just in case something happens. Instruction could have been more detailed. Went to you tube to watch video on assemblly Can’t wait to use them on competition

  • 5
    Great design

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 20th 2018

    These mag holders are very functional and versatile. They come with everything you need for however you prefer to wear your extra magazines.

  • 5
    Best Mag Pouch!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2018

    I have tried many different mag pouches but these are the best I've found. Like the option of having magazines face forward or out with the latter allowing me to fit more on my belt for IPSC.