Ghost 360 Universal Magazine Pouch with Magnet

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Ghost 360 Universal Magazine Pouch with Magnet

The Ghost 360 mag pouch is quite simply the most sensible mag pouch solution on the market. It uses spring tension to hold the magazine in place, giving a very smooth release. You don't need to crank down some tension screw or anything like that, just insert the spring weight you prefer and enjoy being able to pull your magazines free with a minimum of effort. But don't worry about retention,the springs hold the mags securely enough that you wont end up having a yard sale when you need to make a hard run on a stage. Purchase one pouch and you actually get one belt attachment and 2 pouches. One pouch is set up conventionally and the other is set up to point the bullets out, away from your body. Simply attach the pouch that you prefer and you are ready to go. Bullet forward for "go with the flow" squares, or bullets out for you Han Solo rebel types. If you are shopping here, you probably are going to want to go bullets out so you can tell everyone with conventional pouches how inadequate they are. Finally, compare the price of this pouch to other leading brands and you will see why Ben is so crazy about them. In summary: adjustable, well made, and cheap. Bring it.

Note: Please do not over torque the center screw as it will result in the pouch breaking.

3 Reviews

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    What a GREAT Company!!!

    Posted by Thomas Owens on Mar 20th 2021

    I know this review is for the Ghost 360 Universal Magazine Pouch with Magnet, and it works great, I used it today and it held my Shadow2 magazines with a +6 base plate with no problems. I also want to speak to the customer service this company provided me. I put an order in for mag pouch with a magnet, but they sent me just a regual mad pouch. I sent an email to their customer service and described the problem I had....and I shit you not, three working days later I had the correct item in my hands, no questions asked. If you need gear, books, dry fire targets, should really be using Ben Stoeger Pro Shop, not only do they pretty much have everything you need, but they stand behind their products and if a mistake is made, they correct it and make it right.....really, really fast!

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    Should be ambidextrious

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 24th 2019

    This item comes tailored for a right handed shooter. I am left handed and will now have to drill a bigger hole on the opposite side to mount the magnet.

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    Perfect mag pouch

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 25th 2017

    Works great, magnet is strong but you can still load from it easily enough.