Ghost Hybrid Magazine / Mag Pouch

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Ghost Hybrid Magazine / Mag Pouch


  • Conventional Pouch Only (can not run this bullet nose out – Get the 360 for the bullet nose out)
  • Springs Only (No Set Screws – Get the 360 to have the screws).
  • Available in Black, Orange, White, Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Pink & Yellow


  • It fits All Double Stack Magazines
  • Specially designed to firmly hold the magazines in place
  • Will accommodate up to 1.75″ belts


The mag holders are specially designed to firmly hold the magazines in place, minimizing movement inside the Pouch

2 Reviews

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    Good Price, Versatile Product

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 29th 2019

    These mag pouches work just fine for my needs. They hold my 17 round CZ 75B magazines snug enough that I don't need to ever worry about them falling out during pistol matches. I'm not sure how well they'd hold them for multi-gun matches where you'd be running a lot.

  • 5
    Ricky Bobby fast release, solid retention.

    Posted by D.S. on Aug 18th 2016

    If you don't have any intention of trying out the Han Solo bullets out shenanigans these pouches are an economical reliable choice that out performs most products that cost 30% more. So do yourself a favor and give these a go. Sole complaint is the thumb of the hand grabbing the mag can jam into the flat portion of the belt attachment. Just a gripe. Burn it down, and exit out the back of the stage. Or don't, so we can listen to Hopkins rage on the next podcast.