Ghost Thunder DOH Holster

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Ghost Thunder DOH Holster

Our New Ghost Holster, The Thunder, is the latest development for the sports field. It is ideally suited for Single Stack, Production and Standard sport shooting. The Thunder’s  innovative design makes it completely adjustable, and it guarantees fast and safe drawing. The aluminium plate enables you to tailor the holster’s alignment to your preferred drawing angle. Our new modular system for the Stinger is as flexible as the Super-Ghost and the Civilian. 


  • Completely adjustable
  • Guarantees fast and safe drawing
  • As flexible as the Super-Ghost and the Civilian.
  • Ideally suited for Single Stack, Production and Standard sport shooting.
  • The aluminium plate enables you to tailor the holster’s alignment to your preferred drawing angle.



  • We use a premium unbreakable Techno Polymer that can be thermoformed to fit your pistol design, and allows you to customize the retention of your draw.


  • 1911 & Clone (too low for USPSA)
  • Beretta 92/M9-96/92A1
  • Beretta PX4
  • Caracal F&C
  • CZ SP01 /CZ75/75TS/75/SP01/85/Shadow
  • Glock 17 / 19 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 / 31 / 32 / 33 / 34 / 35 / 36
  • HS2000 (also fits the Springfield XD / Springfield XDM)
  • K100/STI Gp6
  • PX4 Compact
  • S&W MP9/40
  • Tangfolio (Round and Square Trigger guards – normal frames)
  • Tangfolio Stock III



You will receive a Brand new design Ghost Holster – The Thunder.



This holster uses the same belt attachment as the Super Ghost Ultimate and The One.

2 Reviews

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    Pretty strong piece of budget friendly kit

    Posted by David Blanton on Jan 3rd 2017

    I've not had this holster long enough to comment on it's durability, but the design is clever enough. The belt anchor/off set is actually a fairly robust plastic (same material as the pouches), but it is rigid enough to not flex. The only flex is a result of the belt twisting, not the material itself bending. Two fairly narrow, yet thick, strips of plastic on the back so it won't impede the bind of the inner/outer belt much. Similar to the boss, you can adjust ride height and cant in the same fashion. This gives you the additional adjustability of a hinge that is tightened down with lock washers to allow you to dial in the angle the grip presents. if your body style is such you need a slight inward cant to make sure your grip is 2" from the belt, it gives that to you. Holster body is not traditional kydex, but something else. The mold for my Shadow is very good on dialing in "just enough" retention. The long leg of the hanger comes down the outside of the belt, vs. the inside on other holsters. if you tighten the lower screws first you'll pull the leg in somewhat as the plastic flexes somewhat, Tighten down the top screws first to avoid this. Only negatives is the sight channel is a little narrow and first few days of dry fire netted me a bunch of plastic shavings on my front sight. To fully adjust this you'll need a couple sizes allen key (it only ships with the small key) and a #2 phillips head screw driver. The instructions were clearly written by somebody who doesn't speak English as their native language.

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    Great Holster

    Posted by Tim Lorquet on Mar 4th 2016

    Takes a little while to get set up properly, but once it is all i right with the world. I like how it can be set pretty low and a little forward while still being parallel with my draw stroke. Makes it a little easier to be fast.