BSPS BOSS DOH Holster Hanger - Hanger Mount Only

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Ben Stoeger BSPS BOSS DOH Dropped Offset Holster Hanger Mount System Are you tired of your holster hanger completely sucking? You may want to try this.
This hanger is adjustable yet stable. It will hold your holster in the position of your choosing allowing for a safe and secure draw. This holster hanger can be mounted ambidextrously making it appropriate for left and right handed shooters. The holster can be mounted higher up, making it Single Stack legal if you desire.
This SKU is just the holster hanger. Supply your own pouch. This is compatible with Blade Tech and Comp Tac stuff. We sell them as a set (listed separately) if you so desire.   What are the differences in the Belt Mount Options? We offer a few options for belt mounts on the Boss holster. The standard aluminum belt plate will come with all of the holsters regardless if you choose one of the options mounts. Something to consider if you go with a non-standard belt mount you may want to go with a shorter Offset Spacer like the 1/4" to stay withing the USPSA rules.  The Boss Standard Belt Mount is included with all orders. This belt plate is cut for a standard 1.5" competition belt (DAA, CR Speed, Ghost). The spacing between the screws will accommodate a 1.75" belt.  The Blade-Tech Tek-Lok Belt Mount is a great Quick Detach option. These mounts are adjustable and can accommodate 1.25"-2" belts We generally recommend going with the 1/4" offset spacer option with this mount.  The Comp-Tac PLM Belt Mount is a great Quick Detach option. These mounts are adjustable and can accommodate 1.25"-2" belts We generally recommend going with the 1/4" offset spacer option with this mount  The Safariland QLS Belt Mount work with the QLS Receiver. You can quickly swap holsters when using the Safariland QLS system. This option includes the fork only. We generally recommend going with the 1/4" offset spacer option with this mount   Which Offset length should I choose? This refers to the length of the spacers between the long Boss plate and the Y-Plate that attaches to the holster. The 1/2" spacers are a pretty safe bet for most firearms out there to keep you within the rules for USPSA.  If you go with one of the options mounts (Tek-Lok, PLM, ELS) we would recommend choosing the 1/4" spacers to keep your holster within the rules for USPSA. We have seen the 3/4" work well for 2011 pattern models but it's not necessary.  You can always just buy the Spacer Hardware Kit here and try the other options.   We recommend measuring the spacing of the gun to the belt to ensure it falls within the rules of the sport and division.  Instructions: 1. 1. Attach Y-plate to holster body through three large holes on the Y-plate using short round-head screws 2. 2. Attach Y-plate to slotted hanger plate using long screws and spacers (do not install lockwashers yet). Screw heads should be on the rounded side of the hanger plate, one screw in a center hole and the other in the corresponding curved slot. 3. 3. Hold belt inside belt plate cutout and install onto main hangar plate with 4 flat-head screws, solidly mounting holster and hanger to belt. 4. 4. Test location of holster with unloaded firearm. Adjust to preferred height and tilt by changing screw positions on the main hangar plate and Y-plate. Verify position meets rule requirements 5. 5. Mark position of long screws lightly with a pencil and then remove and re-install the long screws with a lockwasher underneath the screw heads. Apply threadlocker to all screws.   * Verify firearm position meets appropriate rule requirements WARNING: This product is intended only for competition use by qualified individuals. Do not use If you have any questions concerning safe use of this product. Do not use if firearm is not held securely and safely. Check all screws for security before each use. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from use of this product. You are responsible for the safe handling, ownership and use of firearms. Obtain qualified instruction if you have any questions concerning safe firearm handling practices.  

136 Reviews

  • 5
    Safariland ALS

    Posted by Ryan on Dec 8th 2020

    I'm using a safariland ALS for my G17. The normal safariland belt loop attachment is crap on most belts because it slides around. This fit the holster perfectly and looks great.

  • 5
    BOSS is best

    Posted by Cameron on Nov 27th 2020

    Light weight, solid. Lots of adjustability. Like it enough I bought a second on for my Shadow 2.

  • 5
    Holster Hanger

    Posted by Frank on Nov 6th 2020

    Quality product.

  • 5
    BSPS is the best

    Posted by Jerry on Oct 13th 2020

    Simple to install and very easy to adjust to your draw stroke. Fast shipping and good price too...

  • 5

    Posted by AL on Sep 16th 2020


  • 5
    No better drop and offset system

    Posted by James on Sep 16th 2020

    I have tried a couple of holster drops,. This is hands down the best one there is. I have in on multiple holsters, and full rigs.

  • 5
    Real Deal

    Posted by Kyle P on Sep 8th 2020

    Bought one of these bad boys for my Bladetech holster. Install took 5 min, took it up to the range and really enjoyed how it felt. Couldn't reccomend it enough.

  • 5
    Solid and tacticool!

    Posted by James Xiong on Sep 2nd 2020

    A very solid hanger. Can't ask for anything else that wont break the wallet. Definitely wish i can post up a pic of my holster with the hanger here!

  • 5
    Just What I Needed

    Posted by JK on Aug 22nd 2020

    The boss hanger was exactly the perfect solution I needed to speed up my draw. The design is great and very sturdy. I see this product lasting a long time and will be put to a lot of use.

  • 5
    Best drop offset mount out there

    Posted by XAVIER FAJARDO on Jul 28th 2020

    I have tried a few other brand before. This is the only one that will actually keep the holster straight up. All the other I've tried, let the holster tilt outward if using a steel frame gun

  • 5

    Posted by Lutsi on Jul 25th 2020

    The boss hanger is the perfect solution to be able to clear your hand on the draw. Very well designed. Not to mention they are a huge help, easy to get a hold of and have fast shipping.

  • 5
    Works great with Safariland rig

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 20th 2020

    This is an excellent product. Replaced a safariland drop offset to get into USPSA production requirements. Works great, within spec, and better (more adjustable and solid) than the original safari land stuff.