Redding Premium Handgun 3-Die Set

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 Redding Premium Handgun 3-Die Set

The Redding Premium Handgun 3-Die Set mate a Titanium Carbide-sizing die, a newly designed expander die containing the unique Redding expander plug now coated in TiN, Titanium Nitride for added surface hardness, lubricity and durability. The TiN coating will also reduce brass build up on the expander as well, an important improvement for high volume reloaders.

The Redding Expander contains a unique series of processes it provides as it travels into the case itself. First a radius on its base eases entry into the case mouth. Next a parallel expander section expands and true’s the case internally to create a perfect bearing surface for the bullet as it is seated. This also adds a more uniform bullet pull and start pressure as well. Next is a small step, to properly align the bullet with the centerline of the cartridge case. This positions the bullet for proper contact with the seating micrometer, adding uniformity during actual seating process. Lastly, a flare is the final step on the Redding expander plug to further open the case mouth when using cast bullets so that they do not shave lead during the seating process.

The final die in the set is a Seating Die, which has the added accessory Bullet Seating Micrometer for unmatched seating depth control and precision. This die also contains either a taper or roll crimp for the appropriate cartridge. All three dies in the set also feature an enhanced lead-in for ease of use with progressive reloading presses.