UniqueTek Foam Grip for Dillon Reloading Press

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UniqueTek Foam Grip for Dillon Reloading Press

This foam grip cushions your hand yet provides good "feel" when seating primers.

Fits These Dillon Roller Handles: †
♦ Plastic Dillon Roller Handle for RL 550B and XL 650 presses.
♦ Aluminum Dillon Roller Handle for RL 550B and XL 650 presses.

This foam grip is made from NPVC, a foam rubber material known for its soft, comfortable feel, high durability and excellent vibration dampening qualities.

"Buffed" Finish
The foam surface goes through a "buffing" process, resulting in a sponge-like feel and appearance. The grip ends are radiused and also have a buffed finish. The shape blends perfectly with Dillon Roller Handles.

† The Dillon 1050 roller handle is larger diameter than the 550/650 roller handles. Although the Foam Grip will stretch to fit, the resulting increase in handle diameter may be too large to be comfortable for medium or small hands.
† May fit other roller handles that are 1″ diameter and approximately 4″ to 4.5″ long.

1 Review

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    Great idea - but it failed

    Posted by S.Sprague on Feb 8th 2016

    Seemed like great idea for my Dillion xl650. However, even after following the installation instructions it was so tight as I tried to slip it over the handle grip roller it tore at the end seam- then split the foam about 1/2 inch. Just seemed to be to small with very little stretch. Fix? Had to duck tape it together. I will use it until it comes loose. Save your money buy pipe foam insulation for your handle.