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What are the best sights for my 1911?

Let's talk sights for your 1911

Since I have already mentioned them, lets first discuss sights. Sights are an extremely personal decision. Everyone sees and perceives things differently. With that being said I would say the most commonly used combination would be a narrow front sight (around .100”) with a fiber and a plain black rear with a .125” notch.  

This is also the combination that I use on my guns, sometimes going as narrow as .090” on the front sight. 

One of the more important things I do to my front sight, is to machine the sight so that the top of the fiber/dot is as close to the top of the sight as I can get it. On a really precise shot I will use the top of the front sight rather 

than the dot for an aiming reference. For the rear sight my personal preference is for a fixed sight. I have not experienced a practical need for adjustable sights on one of my guns. So with that being said, the simpler and more robust a part can be, the better in my opinion. Many shooters want an adjustable sight, if you do I would recommend purchasing a gun or slide that either has an adjustable sight already or is not cut for a rear sight.

Jeremy Reid

USPSA Grand Master

2017 US World Shoot Team Member

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