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Carry Optics Complete Rig with BOSS Holster, DAA Racer Mag Pouches, and DAA Belts for USPSA

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Boss USPSA Carry Optics Complete Rig

3 x Double Alpha Racer Mag pouches 

  • Includes bullet nose out (Ben Style) and bullet nose forward (conventional) pouches
  • Works with Double Stack Magazines
  • Available Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Grey

1 x Double Alpha (DAA) Premium Belt

  • Available Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Silver

1 x BSPS BOSS DOH Holster

  • includes thumb screws

We recommend measuring the spacing of the gun to the belt to ensure it falls within the rules of the sport and division.

We have found the standard spacers (1/2") will fall within the spacing rules so long as you are using the standard belt mount. If you want to use the Comp-Tac PLM or the Blade-Tech Tek-Lok you should select the short spacers (1/4").

IMPORTANT: How to select the correct belt size:

Option 1:
If you do not wish to measure your waist, and choose to go off your US Jeans size, then order a belt two sizes larger than your Jeans size tag.
So if your US Jeans state size 36 waist, order our belt in size 40.

Option 2 (recommended!):
1. Measure you actual waist circumference at the height where you plan to wear your belt.
2. Convert your measurements into Inches (1inch = 2.54cm)
3. Order the belt size which matches your measurement. Round upwards: if you measured 39”, order a belt size 40”.


NOTE: All belt systems include both inner and outer belts, as well as a rubberized Security loop.

Buyers may exchange the belt for a different sizes but the buyer is responsible for shipping both ways.

What are the differences in the Belt Mount Options?

We offer a few options for belt mounts on the Boss holster. The standard aluminum belt plate will come with all of the holsters regardless if you choose one of the options mounts. Something to consider if you go with a non-standard belt mount you may want to go with a shorter Offset Spacer like the 1/4" to stay withing the USPSA rules.


The Boss Standard Belt Mount is included with all orders.

This belt plate is cut for a standard 1.5" competition belt (DAA, CR Speed, Ghost).

The spacing between the screws will accommodate a 1.75" belt.


The Blade-Tech Tek-Lok Belt Mount is a great Quick Detach option.

These mounts are adjustable and can accommodate 1.25"-2" belts

We generally recommend going with the 1/4" offset spacer option with this mount.


The Comp-Tac PLM Belt Mount is a great Quick Detach option.

These mounts are adjustable and can accommodate 1.25"-2" belts

We generally recommend going with the 1/4" offset spacer option with this mount


The Safariland QLS Belt Mount work with the QLS Receiver.

You can quickly swap holsters when using the Safariland QLS system. This option includes the fork only.

We generally recommend going with the 1/4" offset spacer option with this mount


Which Offset length should I choose?

This refers to the length of the spacers between the long Boss plate and the Y-Plate that attaches to the holster. The 1/2" spacers are a pretty safe bet for most firearms out there to keep you within the rules for USPSA. 

If you go with one of the options mounts (Tek-Lok, PLM, ELS) we would recommend choosing the 1/2" spacers to keep your holster within the rules for USPSA.

We have seen the 3/4" work well for most models, and may work with Tek-Lok & PLM mounts. 

We have found the 1" spacers to work with most models but you should measure your setup to insure it falls within the USPSA rules.

You can always just buy the Spacer Hardware Kit here and try the other options. 

Boss Holster Spacing

Boss Hanger Spacing Diagram

What is the optional Baller Ball Joint?

Upgrade your Boss Holster Hanger with the new release from Shockbottle, the Boss Baller Ball Joint.

This ball joint upgrade for your Boss Hanger allows you to adjust the angle of the holster and still raise and lower it as you expect with the Boss Holster Hanger.

You can use the ball joint instead of the spacers on your current rig!

BSPS Boss Holster Baller Ball Joint Parts BSPS Boss Holster Baller Rotation

What is the optional Aluminum Thigh Pad?

Comfort and Adjustability Boss Holster Hanger Aluminum Thigh Pad features a unique design that allows you to adjust the spacing of your Boss holster hanger to your personal preference, providing maximum comfort and flexibility.

BSPS Boss Holster hanger Aluminum Thigh pad Kit BSPS Boss Holster hanger Aluminum Thigh pad Kit

7 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome rig

    Posted by Daniel on Jun 27th 2023

    The whole kit was great, everything was exactly what I was looking for without hunting everything down from multiple sources. Everything comes with good instructions and everything you need to get set up quickly. Thanks, would definitely buy again!

  • 5
    Great rig, easy setup

    Posted by Andrew Hinkle on Aug 3rd 2021

    This is a great overall setup, and really helped make it easy for me being a new uspsa shooter to get a full rig set up without going nuts picking individual pieces out and hoping everything works. The holster mount is fantastic, and the mag pouches work great as well. I chose to mount the pouches with bullets facing away from my belt, which mean that I needed to drill a hole in the front of the pouch bodies to get access to the screw which mounts them to the belt mount. This was easy though and I'm happy with the setup and adjustability. The belt is sturdy and everything is well put together. When I ordered I selected a holster body that actually didn't exist (sig x5 legion with optic), so the guys as BSPS contacted me the same day and let me know that holster wasn't available but I could use a comp-tac body instead with a small refund for the price difference. They shipped it out with the fix the same day and the overall shipping was as fast as I could expect. Great product and great company.

  • 5
    Solid products

    Posted by Unknown on May 15th 2020

    I researched quite a bit before jumping in on these products. While I am not new to shooting I am new to the competition elements. It can be a bit daunting to decide what options are best for you and what works in what division or organization. At some point you just have to do it because like every other part of this sport you will likely make adjustments along the way. This is good gear. It is a very sturdy platform and everything stays tight once you get the set up done. The only issue I have had is that the holster is leaving marks on the slide serrations on my X5 Leigon. It may be me and my draw stroke. It seems to be kydex from the inside of the holster and does come off when I clean it.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by James Jenkins on May 15th 2020

    With a little setup, worked great for Shadow 2 and mags. Belt works as intended. Great package to get you going.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 9th 2019

    Just started getting into competition/ competitive shooting and I looked all over for a good set up . The instructor of the class told me about this kit so I decided to look into it . The best the I ever did . Great kit for a great price . This is everything you need for shooting

  • 5
    Highly recommended

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 18th 2019

    Great product. While you may find cheaper you may not find better.

  • 5
    Super happy with the kit for cz-p10f

    Posted by Ben Siskind on Aug 9th 2019

    Love it. Very grateful to find such a good kit pieced together. I also was really happy to get my item in less than a week. The boss hanger really is the best, the holster (comptac) is great for P10F and vortex viper and high co-witness sights. My only complaint is I wish the double alpha academy mag carriers were more easily adjustable. But that shouldn't reflect on Ben Stoeger Pro Shop. They're really great. Thank you.