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Boss Holster / Hanger Spacer Kit

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Boss Holster / Hanger Spacer Kit

If you are looking to change the spacing on your Boss Holster this will get it done. Comes with two spacers, screws, and washers.  

  • 1/4"
  • 1/2" (Should fall winin the USPSA spacing rules if using a Tek-Lok or PLM mount)
  • 3/4"  (With the 2024 USPSA spacing rules these work for most models)
  • 1" (With the 2024 USPSA spacing rules these work for many models)

Which Offset length should I choose?

This refers to the length of the spacers between the long Boss plate and the Y-Plate that attaches to the holster. The 1/2" spacers are a pretty safe bet for most firearms out there to keep you within the rules for USPSA. 

If you go with one of the options mounts (Tek-Lok, PLM, ELS) we would recommend choosing the 1/2" spacers to keep your holster within the rules for USPSA.

We have seen the 3/4" work well for most models but it's not necessary. 

Boss Holster Spacing

Boss Hanger Spacing Diagram