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Canik Signature +4 Magazine Extension by Taylor Freelance

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Canik Signature +4 Magazine Extension by Taylor Freelance

TF "Signature" parts add modern design features to our classic TF designs. Where the "Classic" series offers a smooth, clean look/feel, the "Signature" line includes a built-in rip strip, additional weight-relief cuts, non-reflective matte finishes, and more aggressive overall styling.

  • Heavy "rip strip" to aid pulling the mag free in case of malfunction.
  • Non-reflective, matte finish
  • Aggressive, angular styling
  • "Dot code" on the bottom for easy magazine ID
  • Single-screw G-post retention system provides positive lockup with easy removal
  • Fits the USPSA overall length requirements

Weight: .80 ounces
Material: Aluminum
Color: Orange

NOTE: Due to state department restrictions we cannot ship this part internationally.


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